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Acouspade Directional Speaker

The Acouspade™ hyper directional speaker enables you to focus a beam of sound to a specific point in the environment and to address the public with precise acoustic content at precise locations.

The Acouspade directional speaker can deliver a narrow beam of sound to a desired area while preserving silence around it, or allowing the co-existence of different sounds in the same space without mixing or interfering. The audio-beam created by Acouspade can cut through noisy environments and deliver a headphone-like experience for the listener.


The Acouspade-XLS is the biggest and loudest directional speaker in the Acouspade series. It creates extremely directional sound which can be heard clearly even at larger distances and in environments with high ambient noise.

Acouspade Classic - directional sound system

The Acouspade Classic™ hyper directional sound system enables you to direct an audio beam to a specific point in the environment, thus making your content audible only at that specific location. While conventional sound systems will fill the whole area with its audio content, Acouspade™ puts you in control of where the audio can be heard, making it possible to address the public precisely where you intended to.

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